Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lee’s Famous Rewards program?
  • It’s our email and rewards club! Creating a Lee’s Famous Rewards account gives you access to amazing perks such as:
    • Earn 1 point for every full dollar spent on qualifying purchases (e.g. $1.00 - $1.99 = 1 point). Taxes, tips, and other exclusions apply.
    • A Free Regular Drink when you register your account at
    • Exclusive info about upcoming promotions, giveaways, events, and new products.
    • Member-only offers.
    • A Free Dessert on your birthday! 
I can’t log in to the new loyalty program, what do I do?
  • You must create a new account (and password) by clicking here using the email and/or phone number associated with your previous Lee’s Rewards account. Upon creating a new account, an email will be sent to you to verify your identity; be sure to verify your email within 24 hours, otherwise, the link will expire and you will need to register again. Before contacting Lee’s or Spendgo to seek help, please check your email Spam and Junk folders to ensure that our emails are not getting filtered.
What will happen to my current Chicken Legs?
  • Not to worry! Your existing Chicken Legs will automatically transfer to our new loyalty platform and be converted to points. For each Chicken Leg, you’ll earn 15 points in the new program! You can use these points to redeem all kinds of amazing items at Lee’s! Just log into the new Lee’s Famous Rewards experience on our website or through our new app. If you use a different email or phone number to log into the new Lee’s Famous Rewards, your Chicken Legs cannot be transferred to your new account.
How do I earn loyalty points for my orders at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken? 
  • To earn points and redeem rewards, you must be a registered member of Lee’s Famous Rewards. You can join by creating an account here . Once registered, just check in with the cashier before payment or scan the QR code in the Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken app to automatically receive loyalty points for your order. When ordering online or on the app, make sure to log into your account first to earn points seamlessly! 
Will everything I order be eligible for loyalty points? 
  • Certain items at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken are not eligible for loyalty points. Things like gift card purchases, gift card reloads, and catering orders will not be eligible to earn loyalty points or redeem rewards.
How do I get my points if I forget to check in or scan my app at the register?
  • Just log into your Lee’s Famous Rewards account here and provide the order information listed on your receipt. Once we confirm the order details, your points will be on their way!
How do I use rewards when I’m ordering in the restaurant? 
  • Just place your order at the counter and check-in as a loyalty member with the cashier before completing payment. Let them know you’d like to redeem points for a reward associated with your account. The cashier will apply the discount to your order and you will earn points on the remaining total. 
How do I use a reward online or on the app?
  • Rewards associated with your account will be available to apply to your order online or on the app during the checkout process. Ensure qualifying reward items or order values are in your cart before selecting and redeeming your reward.
What can I redeem with my loyalty points? 
  • Great question! You can redeem different rewards with your points at different point values! Once you redeem points for a reward, the applicable points will be removed from your account.
Here’s a snapshot of all the great rewards you can redeem with points with the new program. 
  • 25 points - Free Regular Drink
  • 50 points - $2 Off
  • 75 points - Chicken or BBQ Sandwich
  • 100 points - 2 Piece Meal
  • 150 points - $5 Off
  • 200 points - 3 Piece Strip Meal
  • 250 points - $10 Off
  • 350 points - 8 Piece Box
Can I redeem points for multiple rewards on one transaction?
  • No, you can redeem points for 1 reward per transaction. 
Do my points or rewards expire? 
  • Your Lee’s Famous Rewards points never expire, but certain rewards and promotions do have expiration dates. The Free Regular Drink Registration Offer expires 30 days after you register your account. The Birthday Dessert becomes available 14 days before your birthday and expires 14 days after your birthday. Be sure to check communications from Lee’s regarding special offers and promotions! 
I forgot my loyalty password, what can I do? 
  • If you already created a new account in our updated Lee’s Famous Rewards, and now need to reset your password, no problem! Just click here to reset your password - you’ll receive an email to your registered email with instructions on how to reset your password. If you do not receive an email within a few minutes, please check your Spam and Junk folders to ensure that our emails are not getting filtered before contacting Lee’s or Spendgo. 
Who should I contact if I have problems with online ordering or the new Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken App? 
  • For any issues earning points or with creating your loyalty account, please email us at or refer to the Spendgo Help Guides here .
Who has access to the information on my account?
  • Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken and our brand’s program partner, Spendgo™, have access to your information. You can read our Privacy Policy here .
Which stores are participating in the Lee’s Famous Rewards program?